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Tree-line study – Anchorage, Alaska

treeline_AKThermoelectric thermocouple wires were constructed and placed around white spruce needles, stems, roots, and nearby air to examine microclimate temperature trends of spruce trees located at and below the tree-line. The diameter and extension growth as well as needle densities of the trees were continuously measured throughout a growing season to determine the effects and resulting adaptations of spruce trees to variable climates. This data can be used to inform current and future climate change models.

Bat Foraging Behavior in response to Stream Quality – Westmoreland County, PA


Ultrasonic acoustic recorders were used to determine the effect that stream quality, insect abundance and season have on the frequency of riparian visits from foraging bats. Understanding the general foraging ecology of bats will be invaluable to our response to the spread of the high-mortality fungal White Nose-Syndrome.

Other Research

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